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Machinery lease

Lease of construction machinery is currently successfully developing in the West.

Specialized enterprises (leasing centers) provide a highly qualitative lease abroad, that use specific principles, methods and means of work.

Most contractors come to the conclusion that today it is more profitable to use in the construction the leased construction machinery instead of private construction machinery. The advantage of the machinery being leased lies in the following: the opportunity to use machines and mechanisms for the purchase of which there is no means; the opportunity of access to new modifications; there is no need to keep a private repair workshop, to have replacement parts available, to keep a staff of repairers; to shorten the downtime when there are no objects, etc.

In Russia, as the experience shows, the demand for the lease of special machinery raises each year. At the same time a small amount of enterprises takes charge of the highly qualitative lease. Among them is the CJSC DCA "Moszarubezhstroy".

One of the main directions of the association is the lease of the highly qualitative construction machinery. Having at its disposal its own base of mechanization, that presently consists of more than 70 items of various equipment, the CJSC DCA "Moszarubezhstroy" offers the most beneficial conditions of lease, taking into account various requirements from the customer.

One of the advantages of the machinery being leased is its reliability, supply with replacement and worn-out parts, service maintenance. All this in the end allows to increase the periods between overhauls.

The staff of the association consists of highly qualitative specialists that taking into account the demands of the customer can give a qualitative consultation and will help to quickly fill out all necessary forms.