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The Address of the Director General

Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" is a general constructor, performing building and construction, reconstruction of buildings and constructions of social and household purpose, residential areas, banks, offices, industrial enterprises, restoration of monuments of architecture, laying of line networks. The corporation performs the whole package of works: the promotion of acquisition of land for construction, acquisition of the necessary licenses, engineering and building of turnkey projects.

Through many years Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" has been a member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is incorporated in the Register of Moscow enterprises with financial and economic status testifying their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial business in Moscow, the Russian Federation and abroad.

The corporation includes all construction units necessary for performance of any kinds of construction and installation, designing, special engineering and finishing works.

The base of the corporation is a rich pooled experience in construction and building of projects in the city of Ulan Bator of Mongolian Peoples Republic, where the corporation built 3,7 million m2 of housing and dozens of other projects of social and industrial implication.

Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" is one of the leading Moscow building companies and has merited authority with Russian customers including the Federal Government and its ministries, the Government of Moscow and its agencies.

A special pride of the corporation is the execution of the state order for reconstruction and restoration of the Grand Kremlin Palace. For a major contribution to timely and qualitative performance of tasks, set by the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation the Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" is awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Russian Federation President's Management Department, the administration staff of the association are granted with government decoration "Honorary builder of the Russian Federation" and "The Order of II degree of Merit for the Motherland".

Through the decades of its work the association has built and reconstructed projects significant for Moscow and Russia.

All the projects are built by the Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" and put into commission in due time and high quality which is testified by numerous testimonials and letters of gratitude from the customers.

The corporation closely interacts with force structures: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" is a full-fledged member of the International Association for Struggle Against Drug Addiction and Drug Dealing.

The CJSC Design and Construction Association Moszarubezhstroy is the unique construction company that is registered in the global market of the UN.

The corporation takes an active part in the charitable activity. For more than 15 years it has been rendering corporate assistance to Filimonkovskij childrens community. Since 1997 the Design and Construction Corporation "Moszarubezhstroy" has had an association with the charitable foundation "Moscow House of Mercy", has supported the long-term program "The development of the voluntary movement in Russia", for many years a charitable assistance has been rendered to the Moscow Cadet corps of the Ministry of Justice and to Training college #46.

For its long-term charitable activity the Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" was awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Moscow City Duma.

The top management of the Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" is working hard at the perspective of the further development of the organization and carries out active work on the development of international links and introduction of Russian products and services to the international market. The leaders of the corporation have organized business ties with many European, Asian and African countries.

Director General
of the CJSC Design and Construction Association

Smirnov Valerij Arkadjevich
Honorary builder of Moscow
Honorary builder of Russia