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11/1, New Arbat str.,
Moscow, 119019, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 695-69-21
Fax: +7 (495) 695-85-52
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Company history

The history of our association proceeds from the largest building complex of the Soviet period Glavmosstroy, which carried out essential governmental tasks on solving the housing problem in Moscow and on building of various social and industrial facilities in and outside of the capital.

The Closed Joint Stock Company Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" was established in December 1992 and is now a big and stable production-build corporation and throughout all years has been working in building industry in Russia and abroad.

The long-term experience, skilled technical staff, good manufacturing base as well as high confidence of federal and local authorities make it possible for the staff to fulfill various services in the field of residential construction and civil engineering, social and cultural construction, capital repairs of buildings and constructions of national and local importance, site preparation, earthwork operation, erection of load bearing and cladding structures and constructions (150 m high) and to carry out projects for examination, reconstruction and restoration of historic buildings and installations including historical and cultural monuments of all-Russia and local importance.

Furthermore, the corporation performs works in laying outdoor and indoor utility networks, in constructions and equipment protection, finishing, balancing and commissioning works, building of roads, performs geodetic inspections at sites, develops all types of project documentation for construction projects and tender documentation.

Thus, the Design and Construction Association "Moszarubezhstroy" implements a complete cycle of works at high professional level and observes the requirements specified for the projects of building industry in accordance with European safety, life and reliability standards.

The association has accumulated significant experience in residential building of hotels, banks, hospitals, schools, modern sports facilities, travel hotels accommodations, reconstruction and building of highways, reconstruction of unserviceable and construction of new sewer systems, water-supply facilities, integrated home-building factories and other facilities.

The staff of the association upgrade their professional level on regular basis, being trained on special courses, which is warranted by the corresponding certificates and diplomas of national and international importance. The staff of qualified workers is replenished by means of the base technical training college.